Fast & Healthy Summer Side Dish… Cucumbers in Greek Yogurt… my favorite!


This isn’t as much of a “recipe” as it is an idea… This is my all time favorite when the cucumbers are local and oh so good… summer is when we like a lot of cold salads, boiled shrimp… keeps the house (and us!) cooler! I used to make this with low fat sour cream… then it hit me… USE GREEK YOGURT! We always have it, might as well use it! That way you feel GOOD about eating it! There are no feelings of guilt with this recipe…

Start off by chopping up a green onion (if you like them), or chive, minced onion, whatever makes you say WOOHOO! Then peel and cut the seeds out of a cucumber (this is for two people, for more, just double, triple, etc.).


Next… Put a spoonful of Greek yogurt into a serving dish… I scoop one big tablespoon (not measuring spoon)… and slice the cucumbers…


Then… add some cider vinegar (I use unfiltered, it’s supposed to be healthier). If you like vinegar add a big gulp, if you aren’t big on it, put a little gulp, if you can’t stand it then use lemon juice!


Now… stir together the green onion, greek yogurt and apple cider vinegar… lovely!


Toss in the slices of cucumber, and stir it gently, coating the cucumber pieces…


Then sprinkle with dill, and pepper if you like. One thing to mention… don’t make this too far ahead of time, it can get watery… I will make it and put it right back in the fridge while I finish dinner so that it stays cold. Take it out of the fridge, stir again and voila…


Dinner’s ready!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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