Artist & Craftsman Supply – Charleston, SC – Stop in… what a cool store!

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Artist & Craftsman Supply – what a pleasure to stroll through this store. Charleston has such a unique art store, full of knowledgable staff, GREAT prices and such a wide array of choices. The only thing there isn’t… parking. They did have a few spots that they were leasing for customers, but something is being built/or changed behind that building and everything is dug up. So… right now there is only meter parking, which isn’t so bad ( and it’s FREE on Sunday). If by chance you have some big items you can either go in/call, shop, pay, and then drive up and someone in the store will run the items to you (call first to be sure they aren’t too busy). They’re doing their best to make it as easy as possible for you to shop. So if you’re in Charleston, SC check them out.

Artist & Craftsman Supply Charleston, SC
Artist & Craftsman Supply
Charleston, SC

GREAT prices! Bargain basement prices (hee hee)… they are located in a basement, a very cool basement – check them out! They also have locations around the country and you can order online as well!

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