Second Sunday on King Street – Charleston, SC

Paolo's Gelato - Charleston, SC
Paolo’s Gelato – Charleston, SC

I took this photo last month on Second Sunday on King.  A great time to get out in Charleston and walk around King Street with the streets blocked off. Read more about Paolo’s! He’s got a great story! Did you know he was a veterinary surgeon in Italy before taking time off to travel and coming to the United States to discover… no gelato! Tada! Paolo’s was born!

Second Sunday on King is a big time… check it out! If you’re on Facebook, check out Second Sunday on King, it gives you the latest!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

F L A S H B A C K !

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2 thoughts on “Second Sunday on King Street – Charleston, SC

    1. You’re right Ann! Paolo’s is still on John Street! They just have one of these neat dohicky’s to use at Second Sunday and different events 😉
      Miss you Ann!


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