Paint colors… part two… the winner is…

"Knights Armour" by Olympic
“Knights Armour” by Olympic

And the winner is… Knight’s Armour by Olympic!

Oooh, what a few weeks we’ve had! This paint color thing is starting to make me crazy. The room started out “Kuba” a Ralph Lauren paint color from the Safari Collection which was fabulous. But… like all things fabulous, it was then discontinued. We had it color matched at Benjamin Moore, but it didn’t come out quite right, so we tweaked, and tweaked and tweaked (great guy who helped us)… and it ended up being BETTER than Kuba! So that is what most of the walls in the house are painted. With the exception of our guest room, bathroom and kitchen. It was time for the study to get a fresh coat of paint. I wrote a post about this and there were several great suggestions… one being a coral/tomato red color… Hmmm, that intrigued me, and I couldn’t get it off my mind. So instead of just going with the dark gray “we” (ha ha, I bet you can decide which of us wanted to try this color, ha ha) well… I found a color in the rug that was a pinky coral, I didn’t want another dark room (or so I thought…) the color on the card (AMARYLLIS by Sherwin Williams).. looked good, the guy mixed it exactly right… Now… let me just say this… a coral/tomato color could have been awesome HAD I PICKED THE RIGHT ONE! Sigh… but instead… I picked this corally pink that was in the rug… why? I have no idea. This is what it looks like on the wall (one coat) – S U N G L A S S  A L E R T !:


**G A S P **!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmm, I knew when I opened the sample can…


That this probably wasn’t going to work, but he did say it dried darker… I don’t think it could possibly dry that much darker, but lets give it a whirl… ahhh, N.O.!

I painted a section (and was horrified the entire time… so why did I keep going??) – I thought this would be a nice happy color. Ha… no, this color is irritating and causes anxiety, make my gums feel like they’re swelling and makes me feel like I need some Pepto 😉 So back to the grey it is! With one caveat… Fred wanted to paint trim, ceiling and walls all the same color… if we go this dark, I need some white… So we will paint the crown molding and ceiling white… then it will be nice and sharp. Art will look fabulous on this color… (the grey NOT the pink… I couldn’t find a piece of art that looked good on that… not at all). Ok… who has thought on this?? Paint the crown molding, walls and ceiling (leaving the trim around windows and white? Or leave molding and ceiling white and paint ceiling KNIGHTS ARMOR? Or…????

Luckily we still had some paint in those sample cans! Got that pink (notice I didn’t say coral/tomato) covered up… and now… all is well 😉 So in the end, it will look like this… but with white molding…  (that brown molding color was a previous color that we tried… ) – actually if you look closely, this is two different colors… from the window sill down is a different (but very close color). We’re going with the top color.


So thank you to all who sent suggestions. You never know until you try a color. I LOVE how you can buy sample cans of paint!

Anyway, thanks so much for your suggestions! Let me know what you think about painting the crown molding… the ceiling… thoughts??

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:                Elizabeth Pollie paints Charlie! Stunning!!!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:           View from Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:      Rubbermaid Modular Canisters = perfection!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Paint colors… part two… the winner is…

  1. elizabeth pollie

    Sometimes life leads us on a circuitous trail. We have to experience what we don’t want to get clarity on what will make us happy. Glad it just a paint color vs the BIG stuff!!! I vote crisp white trim!!!


    1. So true Elizabeth! I would have always wondered about that color… and I’m sure the “right” version of it could have looked good, but in the end, we’re used to dark natural color walls, ha ha… nothing natural about that pink 😉 And YAY! I agree on the crisp white trim! Thanks for your advice!


  2. Ha. I heard a report on NPR that the color pink is used in institutions in treating people with issues— it supposedly has a calming effect ! We have a creamy reddish dining room that works maybe cuz of so many windows. Maybe that’s the trick for when friends say how delicious out cooking us. Teehee


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