Featured Artist: Sarah Sedwick!

Deer Skull on Blue by Sarah Sedwick 23x28" Oil on Canvas -Available
Deer Skull on Blue by Sarah Sedwick
23×28″ Oil on Canvas –Available

Intriguing painting, isn’t it? I like Deer Skull on Blue by Eugene, Oregon artist Sarah Sedwick. Its got a cool feel to it! I love the wall with the subtle differentiations in color. The skull… wicked good, and I’m not even from Maine! Nice shadow cast on the wall… If you like it too, you’re in luck… this painting is still available!

In the Gallery by Sarah Sedwick 8x10 Oil on Canvas
In the Gallery by Sarah Sedwick
8×10 Oil on Canvas

In the Gallery is a nice painting… nice gallery was my first thought! I really like seeing the tree through the window and the paintings within a painting. Be sure to check out Sarah’s work! Sarah has a great BLOG be sure to check it out! She’s also on FB and Pinterest (among other social media sites)! If you’re in Eugene, OR be sure to check Sarah’s work out  at The Gallery at the Watershed… what a cool gallery WOW!

Read a blip about Sarah from her website:

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1979, Sarah Sedwick began oil painting at age ten. In 2001, she earned a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art, with a focus on illustration and painting, and a minor degree in art history. She and her husband live in Eugene, Oregon, in a house on a steep hill surrounded by cherry and pine trees. They welcomed a baby daughter in 2009.

Sarah writes a studio blog, and teaches painting workshops. Her paintings have found homes across the globe, and can be seen locally at The Gallery at the Watershed in Eugene, and at her home studio, by appointment.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All Images via SarahSedwick.com with permission from the artist…

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