56 years ago today… and a Port Clyde sunset!


I guess you could call this “taking a personal day” – there is a lot happening today!

This photo was taken back in 2008. My parents had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and they joined us in Maine. We had the best time… rented the coolest cottage on the ocean in Port Clyde, then headed to Monhegan. In this photo I zoomed in and cropped out the surrounding area… they were standing on the rocks looking out towards the ocean at sunset. Gorgeous isn’t it? I know they would like to be back there right now… as would we!

Maine is such a special place. I told Fred the first time we went… that I didn’t feel like I was supposed to leave, ha ha… What a place!

Hey, happy anniversary mom and dad! So this is your 56th Anniversary?!!!! Wow! Congratulations!!  

Love you more than anything! xoxo, me

Oh! And a happy birthday to my sister Bridget who was born X-0 years ago this year! Woohoo! It only gets better from here, trust me 😉 !!!!!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “56 years ago today… and a Port Clyde sunset!

  1. Well said! Our sentiments exactly- ME is a very special place.
    Already made plans for next yr. Hope to meet you someday.
    …and sure glad I found your page. It’s a joy.


    1. Thank you Mary! We need to start an area in Maine with small houses that are energy efficient (like GOLOGIC), then move all the cool art people there… have a common area with a fire pit, bbq, etc… can you imagine the fun? ha ha…


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