monhegan… what memories…

Fred (& Ella Pickle) on Monhegan (Maine)
Fred (& Ella Pickle) on Monhegan (Maine)

Some of the best memories are of times spent taking in nature’s beauty. Being in a splendid location with people who are near and dear to your heart. It gives you a chance to recharge from the hectic normal days of life.

I swear you can find some of the most peaceful spots on the island of Monhegan. This is one of them. A place to sit and just be. Sit and watch the birds. Here, Fred is joined by a friends dog, Ella Pickle. She’s so sweet, everyone on the island loves her. What a great place to be a dog, can you imagine?

Looking forward to sitting here in this spot again!

Remember to set your clocks BACK one hour tonight before you go to bed! (If you go to bed at 10, set your clocks back to 9)

We’re GAINING an hour of sleep tonight, woohoo! We should all wake up a little less puffy 😉 – I usually change one clock in the morning, so I can remember to switch the rest of them at night… Then for weeks I will say to myself “but it’s really x:o’clock” ha ha… My goal… to not do that this year!

Have a great weekend! Catch you back here tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “monhegan… what memories…

  1. jennifer lea

    xxxx. such great times. I do that too. it’s really x oclock

    jennifer lea dulin po box 313 lakeville, CT. 06039 sent from my phone, excuse brevity…

    ~ keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable~

    mary oliver


  2. Bobo

    I’d like to see what the ocean looks like today with the high winds and snow? Pretty exciting I bet, since yesterday the weather channel showed lake Michigan in Chicago and the high waves washing up on lakeshore road! Lv ma


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