The Duplex (SL 2014) by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

The Duplex SL 2014 by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

The Duplex (SL 2014) by Moser Design Group for Southern Living! This plan is a duplex (two residences) – each is 1,055 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I LOVE the idea of this duplex. It affords privacy (separate porches and front entries). This plan is perfect to live on one side and rent the other, or how perfect for your parents, sibling, friend, etc.??!! That way you each have your own space but are there for each other. I LOVE THIS CONCEPT!

This doesn’t look like a typical duplex with two front doors beside each other. I like that you actually only see one front door from the road, it gives the duplex more of a larger home feel – yet inside, it’s perfectly designed for maximum space yet still being right next door to the other person!

The Duplex SL 2014 by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

As I mentioned each duplex is 1,055 square feet of perfection. You have the option of entering front the side, which is private, or from the front. It’s like two separate spaces divided by a hallway with one roof covering both. I think that’s a brilliant plan. Gone are the days of hearing your neighbor breathe, ha ha.

Each duplex has an open living/kitchen area, a utility room, a master suite, a guest room, another bathroom, and a side stoop. This setting can be so wonderful for so many people! We need to build more of these and #keepfamiliestogether

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7 thoughts on “The Duplex (SL 2014) by Moser Design Group for Southern Living!

  1. Is there a Builder/Contrator in Naples, Florida, or Estero, Florida or Bonita Springs, Florida that has seen the need to build this plan in a planned unit development? A simple solution to the Family with Senior Citizens who cannot afford the high entrance fees to Over 55 Senior Living Housing as in South Florida.

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  2. Irene G Peterson

    Your layouts confuse me. Interested in the duplex with 1 bed, 1 bath only. Can you give me a ball park figure of building in a most simplistic way.


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