Looking for a quick and healthy meal?

Roasted Veg and Brown Rice

I tried to think of something quick to make for lunch. I didn’t want a sandwich or anything elaborate, just something quick BUT healthy.

So, I spent some time one day roasting veggies. I had turnips, sweet potatoes and broccoli rabe. I had never tried broccoli rabe before and read that it was excellent roasted. So I washed a huge bunch of it, dried it good, drizzled olive oil, S&P and put it in a 400 degree oven. About 20 minutes later (after one quick turn halfway through) I pulled it out. Hmmm, I read about the leaves – they turn dark and they are crunchy. They are addictive WHEN THEY’RE HOT. I ate so much broccoli rabe, ha ha… then once it hit lukewarm – the taste changed for me. I’m not a fan of the lukewarm version.

The roasted sweet potatoes and turnips (same olive oil, S&P method but cut pretty small and roasted about 3o minutes with a turn mid point) were amazing – I just wish I hadn’t mixed the two. The broccoli has a very strong taste.

I heated a bag of brown rice (Trader Joe’s) – and added the veg and a sprinkle of cheese (any would work – feta, parmesan, pecorino are all good choices). I put the veggies in a glass storage dish, and heated up the next day with a little bit more rice. It doesn’t take much and you are full. So if you’re busy, spend one day roasting your veggies and you’ll have quick meals during the week! Use whatever veggies you like.

Next time: carrots, sweet potato, onions, even zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli – anything goes!

🌀Until next time…

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