Featured Artist: Danika Ostrowski!

Baker Miller Ocotillo by Danika Ostrowski  24×30″ Acrylic

Danika Ostrowski. Her paintings make me really want to check out some of the places that she captures so beautifully in her paintings. She has such a cool style, like she mentions it’s a mix between impressionistic and illustrative. A very cool combo

I think her color palette is amazing, soothing while still remaining vibrant. Very nice!

This painting may be found at The Commerce Gallery (along with a few others!)

See more of Danika’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  2020 Show Schedule


The intricacy of color and organic form found in nature’s most private and hidden spaces intrigues me. Exploring the terrain of public lands in the American Southwest, I have grown fascinated with the landscapes of the mostly untouched, desert environment. The subject matter of my work varies from plant life, to geological forms, to panoramic views. Using sophisticated and exaggerated color schemes allows me to reflect a modern take of each region’s unique character, culture and visual aesthetic. My background in graphic design has influenced my style, which lies somewhere between impressionistic and graphically illustrative.”

“I paint with an intention to spread awareness of these beautiful places, and share the joy of the human-nature connection.”

Danika paints both en-plein-air and creates in-studio work based on photographs, sketches and memories. She currently lives and works in Austin, Texas creating commissioned paintings and developing her own series of work which she exhibits throughout the country. Danika is a dedicated advocate for the preservation of public lands. She uses her platform as an artist to fundraise for the National Parks Foundation and spread awareness of conservation efforts. Danika has been featured as top emerging talent by Western Art Collector and Southwest Art.

Read more about Danika via the BIO link above!

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