Stella’s Greek Restaurant | Charleston, SC!

Stella’s Greek Restaurant | Charleston, SC

Happy Leap Day! Do you remember what leap year is?

“A year is defined as the period of time it takes the Earth to orbit around the sun once” 

A year is about 365 1/4 days long. So that is why there is an extra day approximately every fourth year (leap day). (A year is actually 365.242 days long which is why leap year is skipped once in a while, more info on link above)

Can you believe March is almost upon is? This winter went quickly – the time change is in little more than a week (for those of you who observe Daylight Saving Time)…

Charleston, SC is home to so many wonderful restaurants. Stella’s is a favorite. Wonderful Greek food, exquisite in every way. The ambiance is fabulous – the restaurant is welcoming and friendly.

There are so many wonderful dishes here, it’s hard to pick just one. Everything is so fresh. Just watch the dishes coming out of the kitchen, so you know what to try on your next visit!

✍️Until next time…





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