Whole Foods Market – you won’t believe what they do!

WF Mkt Mt P Customer Advisory Panel
Pictured from left to right: Amy Dillmann, Marketing Assistant; Tracey Trombino, Director of Catering; Celia Ballou, Prepared Foods Supervisor

Whole Foods Market Mt Pleasant Customer Advisory Panel – did you know there was such a thing? Well there is, and it’s quite amazing. Whole Foods selects a group of people each year to inform and share information with them about their store. It’s amazing information. You would not believe all the work that goes into making that store so very amazing! Specifically, I’m referencing the Mount Pleasant, SC location.

They want to know what we think. What they can do better. What they are doing that we like. What would we like to see in the future? Each month there is a new topic. The first meeting was PRODUCE. It was EYE OPENING to say the least. After learning of the care that is involved with being a certified organic grocery store, we want to buy all of our groceries at Whole Foods! We are buying more since being on this panel, I guess after you learn all the work that goes into getting the produce where it is, and how the organic produce is treated very carefully. Special cleaning techniques are used in those areas, temperatures are taken as they are taken off the truck, storage is handled separately for organic and conventional fruits/veggies. They are not just inspected by DHEC, they are also inspected by EVERCLEAN because they are a certified organic grocer. It’s an impressive list of accomplishments that they strive for every single day. Quality is number one! It’s no easy task. That store runs like a well oiled machine. There are massive amounts of teamwork involved. No doubt about it!

You know how it is when you buy something that you think will taste good and then you get home and it’s just not your taste? Whole Foods will let you sample just about anything in the store, just find a store associate and ask them if a package can be opened or if you can have a sample. Fruits and veggies aren’t excluded… wonder what that Honeycrisp apple taste like? Wonder no more! They will give you a slice and ahhhh, you will see why they are about the most amazing apple on the planet!

I think a lot about a company that wants to strive, year after year, to make things the best they can be (despite being profitable anyway!)… Whole Foods not only wonders, they care, they WANT TO KNOW, they spend a great deal of money and effort to get our opinions. Just last week we had an entire Thanksgiving Dinner, the topic was PREPARED FOOD, and we tasted all of the sides that are available for Thanksgiving, and let me tell you… YUM! They even send us home with a Whole Foods bag packed with goodies from whatever the current topic is. Brilliant. Now I buy those same products that they gave us. Just think I might have never tried them otherwise! Now I am hooked!

On top of it, the people who work for Whole Foods are about as nice and sincere (not to mention FUN) as they get.

There were better photos to be taken, I was trying not to cause a scene… therefore you are missing photos of their Thanksgiving spread, which was the best EVER! Each and every dish we tasted was out of this world! So if you are wondering about Thanksgiving, give them a call (or order online) and order your Thanksgiving, it couldn’t be easier!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Whole Foods Market – you won’t believe what they do!

  1. Loved this article and I agree with you about Whole Foods…what a great place to buy and try out many things you normally don’t see in the grocery stores!

    Even their prepared foods like pizza slices and desserts are amazing if you’re looking for a quick, no nonsense dinner!

    Never knew the whole process of the advisory panel so thank you for a behind the scenes look!


    1. Yes! Don’t you just love when the best strives to be even better? Whole Foods isn’t just a grocery store, it’s a DESTINATION! 🙂 Yes, I love the prepared foods area as well, the salad bar, hot bar, tasty dishes, sandwiches, and we tasted THANKSGIVING… (and were very thankful!) IT WAS JUST LIKE MOMS!


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