Featured Artist: Mary Jabens!

Spring Dreaming (Cedar Breaks) by Mary Jaben
Spring Dreaming (Cedar Breaks) by Mary Jaben

Mary Jabens. She’s got a great eye. My favorites are her clouds. They are magnificent! Her colors are fabulous, composition is interesting and ooh the little touches like the cloud break in the sky… makes this a stunning painting!

I’m telling you… Mary is an artist who’s work you need to check out… before her prices go up… up… UP!

25 Minutes to Rain by Mary Jabens
25 Minutes to Rain by Mary Jabens

You can see the rain in the distance, yet still see some of that wonderful light… makes for a beautiful, moody painting!

Read a bit about Mary, from her website:

Being creative has always been a part of my life. Different mediums, subjects, places, people and events  continually give me inspiration.  My passion is Plein Air painting.  Living in Southern Utah provides a lifetime of subjects that are irresistible to my desire to  paint!  Trying to replicate nature in painting is a challenge: Warm and cool, light and dark values, soft edge versus hard edge- all the elements that make a great  painting outdoors are a paradigm to me –  one not existing without the other.  Merging these elements together is my challenge. To make the results dynamic is my goal.

For more information regarding Mary’s thoughts and views on plein air painting check out the article (Clouds for Clouds’ Sake) by Bob Bahr for Outdoorpainter.com in June 2014!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Mary Jabens!

    1. Hello Karen, thank you for commenting. You are fortunate to have one of Mary’s paintings. Each and every one is just stunning… it was difficult to choose only two paintings to feature! Have a great day!


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