Featured Artist… Peggi Kroll Roberts!

Peggi Kroll Roberts
Peggi Kroll Roberts

Peggi Kroll Roberts. Peggi is known for her bright colors and loose style. She can make just a few strokes turn into a painting full of life! Ahhh, look at this painting. The color, the movement, the FEELING… I would like to be there with them right now! They look like a fun group!

Turquoise Vase, Two Creamers by Peggi Kroll Roberts
Turquoise Vase, Two Creamers by Peggi Kroll Roberts

Peggi also paints with watercolor. Just look how colors placed in just the right way gives the object a sense of space. Peggi is well known for her workshops, check out that link! She also has many DVD’s for sale – all fabulous!

Read a bit about Peggi, from her website:

Award winning artist, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, was trained at Arizona State University and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.  Peggi worked as a fashion and advertising illustrator before making the transition into fine art.  Using  intense color and value to accentuate her subject, she moved into fine art with a bold palette, a love for small paintings and a very loose style that achieves a lot with a few very energetic brush strokes.  She prefers to suggest reality than render it.  

Inspired by her children she paints beach scenes and other aspects of their lives.  She also breaks away from the conventional still life by painting scenes of cosmetics and the occasional coffee cup or slab of butter.  Peggi’s work gives us a new appreciation of our own daily life.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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