Featured Artist… Mark Kerckhoff!

Spanish Colonial House by Mark Kerckhoff 12x16" Oil on Panel
Spanish Colonial House by Mark Kerckhoff
12×16″ Oil on Panel

Mark Kerckhoff. Mark’s paintings are fabulous! He stops painting before the painting is tight and has every little detail included. His use of color is AHmazing! Just look at the light in the painting! That wee bit of color, the orange and red, just a dab here and there, stunning against that gorgeous blue, sky with those fabulous fluffy clouds. Nice!

Sunny Day at the Beach by Mark Kerckhoff 9x12" Oil on Panel
Sunny Day at the Beach by Mark Kerckhoff
9×12″ Oil on Panel

Another great painting with a bit more looseness which I really love! The colors SING. Yep, they sing… a perfect harmony of color, feeling of movement, composition, and it’s just a great example of a nice painting!

Read a blip about Mark – from his website:

Mark Kerckhoff was born in Covina, California in 1959 and studied painting and drawing at California State University Long Beach.
Mark was deeply influenced by his teachers – hyper realist painter Nicolas Boscovich, and figure drawer John Lincoln.
Mark is a self-taught landscape painter.
The base of his interest in landscape painting stems from growing up in rural Los Angeles County raising Cochin bantams and other exotic birds in his suburban backyard.
Many of Mark’s early drawings were of his birds.
Mark also enjoyed exploring the Sycamore-lined gullies near his home and riding horseback through the South Hills, observing the beauty of nature and its peaceful solitude.
These early childhood memories continue to be a presence in his paintings.
Mark rarely paints with companions, preferring the solitude of remote areas far from the maddening crowd and critic.
Inspired by old and modern masters, Mark executes paintings that embrace his love of color, high aesthetics and craftsmanship.
Mark’s favorite quote is by John Ruskin the great Victorian art critic, “All great schools enforce delicacy of drawing and subtlety of sight: as of yet, found without exception respecting art is that all great art is delicate”.

Images via www.KerckhoffPaintings.com, used with permission…

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