Featured Artist: Frank Bruckmann! Monhegan Workshop 2 spots remain!

Frank Bruckmann Breaking Bread

Frank Bruckmann is a fabulous artist who I wrote about years ago… a fascinating story, if you get a chance, check it out. Frank is an artist who spent time with his family on Monhegan. It’s a wonderful story for sure!

Looking through Frank’s paintings I absolutely love the paintings from his “Breaking Bread” series. Wonderful, intimate dinners between friends/family. They evoke so much feeling and breath life! Wonderful! You must check them out!

WORKSHOP ALERT: If you’re going to be in the Monhegan Island area June 6-13, 2015, as I write this there are TWO SPOTS left in Frank’s workshop. It sounds heavenly! Check it out!

Read a bit about Frank, from his website:

Frank began his studies at the DuCret school of Art in New Jersey, and then took classes at the Art Students League in NYC. In Paris he sketched at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and spent 8 years in France and Spain, copying the masters in the great museums like the Lourve and the Prado, and painting plein air landscapes in the cities and countryside. 

Now a resident of New Haven, CT, Frank has found endless subject matter for landscapes in New England, but periodically packs his easel and travels farther and wider in his VW camper. To continue reading, click HERE.

Image via FBruckmann.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Frank Bruckmann! Monhegan Workshop 2 spots remain!

  1. fred

    would be so cool to have us, Jennifer, Jackie, billy, radek, Melissa, kalina, hank, frank, mathew, etc. at the table in the dining room looking out toward manana!


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