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Plan 888-10 by - Architect Nicholas Lee
Plan 888-10 by – Architect Nicholas Lee 888-10 is a Signature Plan by architect Nicholas Lee. His plans are always so stunning! This plan has 2,206 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I wish I had a real home to show you so you could get a better idea. Be sure to click on the link 888-10 above. It will take you to more information about this plan as well as some STUNNING kitchen (real) photos. A dream kitchen is right inside this beautiful home! How nice to sit on the front porch, talk to your neighbors as they walk their dogs, or to sit upstairs, read a book, or just sit in peace. Very nice!

Plan 888-10 by - Architect Nicholas Lee
Plan 888-10 by – Architect Nicholas Lee

I really like this layout. The wonderful covered porch that I already mentioned, then you step into a foyer, then on to the Living, Kitchen, Dining spaces. I like that the dining area is tucked away. In front of windows is always nice. then if you have company, you can pull the table out some and place chairs on the other side of the table. For every day eating, I think this is a great way to situate the Dining room.

The Kitchen is fabulous, it faces the Living area, yet still has the sink looking out the window. That’s my favorite, and an absolute must! Did you know that when you stand in front of the kitchen sink, looking out the window while eating, there are no calories to be counted!  Yep! Pretty sure I read that somewhere, hee hee.

The Living space is cozy and wonderful. As is the Master Bath/Master Bedroom. It’s nice that the Laundry room is so near to the Master Bedroom.

Plan 888-10 by - Architect Nicholas Lee
Plan 888-10 by – Architect Nicholas Lee

Do you see what I see? An upstairs Sleeping Porch! You know all your neighbors are going to be wanting to live where you live when it comes to those wonderful breezy nights. Also an Office area, a few bedrooms and a Covered Porch, woohoo!

Images via, used with permission…

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