Featured Artist: Brad Kunkle!

The History of Nature by Brad Kunkle 46x72" Oil, Gold & Silver on Linen
The History of Nature by Brad Kunkle
46×72″ Oil, Gold & Silver on Linen

Brad Kunkle. Shadow led me to Brad Kunkle’s art work. Who’s Shadow? Shadow is Brad’s beautiful dog that was recently missing in Brooklyn, NY. I saw the FB post “Bring Shadow Home…” and all I could think about was Shadow. Long story short… Shadow is now back home safely, but you may want to check out the FB page, it’s a wonderful story!

Brad’s paintings are so unique, stunning in every way. The way he captures his subject, gives it a twist and paints with oil, gold and silver! Just look at those birds! They appear three dimensional, don’t they? The woman looks as if she will stand up and walk right out of the painting! Check out some of Brad’s other paintings… Wow. Wow. Wow!

Read a bit about Brad via an article “Brad Kunkle: Give Me the Light” in visionaryartistrymag.com (Fabulous!)

Kunkle’s work is prevalent in New York, where he resides. He has participated in several group and solo exhibitions since 2009 according to his curriculum vitae located on his website. He is a self-taught artist originally from Pennsylvania, who studied legendary artists and found his own niche while doing so. Kunkle tells the art publication “Fine Art Connoisseur” that he “paints to connect with the part of being human that is beautiful and slightly dark, stripped to its truth and always changing: the part of being human that appears to be romantic, but feels very real.” Each one of his paintings definitely represents this thought, all of his work is beautiful upon first glance but when you look deeper and take into account what surrounds each subject the dark side comes to light.

Image via BradKunkle.com, used with permission!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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