Frank Bruckmann – Monhegan Show at the Island Inn through October 11, 2015!

Art Materials by Frank Bruckmann
Art Materials by Frank Bruckmann

The Lupine Gallery has the summer exhibit of Frank Bruckmann’s work at the Island Inn (Monhegan, Maine). WHAT A TREAT! His paintings are fabulous, many are of Monhegan, a place many of us know and love! So… the two paintings I’m showing you today are different, the painting above is Art Materials… I think this is such a fabulous painting – I love how there is a little abstractness to it, it brings out so much more character than if it were painted exactly as it is.

The Island Inn is a gorgeous inn that sits regally atop a hill, it seems to welcome you back to the island year after year. It’s always exciting to see the featured artist for the season. I love that they have an ongoing show, featuring a different artist each year. You can see some of the work from the show by clicking on this link:

Lupine Gallery Monhegan Summer Exhibit: Frank Bruckmann 2015 Island Inn Show!

Self Portrait by Frank Bruckmann
Self Portrait by Frank Bruckmann

I think self-portraits are a great way to get to know an artist. It lets you see not only them, but their space as well. Looks like Frank has one heck of a spot to paint, doesn’t it? Great painting!

Here are a few images from the Lupine Gallery Facebook page – check them out, there are many great photos!

bruckmann show at isl inn lup gal photo

bruckmann show at isl inn lupine gallery image

Below is information from the Lupine Gallery. If you’re on Monhegan be sure to stop in the gallery, it’s a magical place! We could spend hours there (and we do)! If you’re looking for somewhere to stay on Monhegan, always consider the Island Inn, but make plans, reservations are usually (but not always) required. You never know when someone will cancel!


We are delighted to announce the 2015 Annual Summer Exhibit at the Island Inn on Monhegan Island:

Local Color: the Paintings of Frank Bruckmann

 Frank Bruckmann studied at the Ducret School of Art in New Jersey, the Art Students League in New York, and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.  A resident of New Haven, CT, Frank  has been painting on Monhegan for over 20 years, capturing the landscape and atmosphere of the island in all seasons and all its variations.

The season-long exhibit will run from Friday, May 22 to Sunday, October 11.

Please join us for a gala reception for the artist, at the Island Inn, on Tuesday afternoon, July 7, from 2-4.

Images via, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Frank Bruckmann – Monhegan Show at the Island Inn through October 11, 2015!

    1. Can’t wait to see you guys as well!! I noticed the floater frames and I LOVE how it makes the paintings really stand out! Great job hanging… WOW! The show looks amazing, and I know it always looks better in person! Can’t wait!


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