Featured Artist: Dreama Tolle Perry!

Dreama Tolle Perry | ArtFoodHome.com

Dreama Tolle Perry. Wonderful flowers. Beautiful colors – Dreama’s paintings make you feel good, don’t they? Dreama excels at colorful paintings with such nice soft brush strokes!

Interested in a workshop? Dreama has many scheduled! Check it out! Dreama’s website is full of info for artists and collectors alike!

Dreama Tolle Perry Paintings | ArtFoodHome.com

A sampling of paintings by Dreama!

Read a bit about Dreama, from her website:

I’m Dreama.  I’m an artist and writer.

A thinker and child of the 70’s, now in my 50’s, living into the teens—2015 and beyond, that is.  (According to this kind of math, I am getting younger by the minute.)

Named by my grandmother. Self-taught in art.

Lover of books.  Lover of color.

 Guilty of wearing purple eye shadow…and carrying a purple phone with my purple wallet in a ….you guessed it, purple handbag.

I grew up with both a brother and father who painted.

I traveled far via books checked out from the local library, 12 at a time, every week of every long Kentucky summer of my youth.

I dreamed, I imagined, I waited.

I was 30 before I picked up a brush.  50 before I began writing. To read more, click HERE.

Are you interested in taking a workshop? Dreama has many scheduled throughout 2015-2016, check out the workshop schedule!

Images via DreamaTollePerry.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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