Featured Artist: Phil Starke!

Phil Starke | ArtFoodHome.com

Christmas at the Farm by Phil Starke
16×18″ Oil

Phil Starke. Look at the incredible light hitting this painting! I love the stone fireplace. I like the composition of this painting… by having the view come from below looking up at the house is cool – it adds interest! It’s different. I love different!

A winter painting in summer? Yep! Ever hear of Christmas in July? With the temps in Charleston, SC right now (well, it is summer!) looking at a painting to cool off is rather appealing!

Phil has a blog (Between the Palette Scrapings – great title!) that is full of wonderful information, I highly suggest it! Check out his website for workshop information, videos, books, etc.!

Read a bit about Phil, from his website:

Phil Starke began to show an interest in art from the time he lived in Germany as a young boy while his father was in the military.  He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.  Inspired by the instructors at the Academy, Starke changed course from his aim at the advertising world and developed a passion for oil painting.  It was upon graduation from the American Academy of Art that he decided to plunge into the profession of fine art.

From the Midwest, West and Southwest, Phil has continued to be inspired.  Each season and each region has its own color palette and unique landscape.  From landscape to figures, and plein-air to studio painting Phil continues to find inspiration in his work.

Choosing to share this passion and inspire others, Phil also teaches workshops, helping others develop their own individual talent.

All images via PhilStarke.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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