Featured Artist: Kathie Odom!

Kathie Odom | Midday Rest

Midday Rest by Kathie Odom  12×16″ Oil

Kathie Odom. Wonderful work! What a treat it was to peruse her paintings! I like the light feeling of this painting, the unfinished grass, the light shadows on the building and the dark interior which just made it all come together so nicely!

Interested in taking a workshop with Kathie? You may be in luck… there was a spot or two available last time I checked, I can’t promise there is still an opportunity, but it’s worth checking! I think this will be a tremendous opportunity if you’ll be in the Lake Toxaway, NC area in September (2015)!

Landscape in Oil From Photographs

Location: Lake Toxaway, NC

Read a bit about Kathie, from her  website:

Landscape painting feels like a new-found love, but it’s actually an old love, rediscovered.

Now I am expressing what has influenced my creativity for an entire lifetime… childhood memories of having both my father and grandfather in the building trade, an ever-present attraction to things of God, and a high school art teacher that showed me I had a love and an ability to create beauty.

Beauty and creativity connect me with God. When I am building oils onto a canvas, something is happening within me that cannot be explained with the word connection. With Him I begin to paint from my gut, even from my toenails! And it draws me even nearer to His people… which then takes me back to the dwellings, homes and landscapes that I paint. I think: Who lived in them? What was their life like? Did they recognize the beauty of their surroundings like I do?

With gratitude I am beginning to see what I have been given, and I am now accepting this gift of painting. 

All images via KathieOdom.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Kathie Odom!

  1. Ann

    You are certainly gifted. I really love your paintings of old buildings and the reasons you love to paint these. God has certainly blessed you by giving you this great talent. And love the pictures of your sunny disposition.

    Ann Payne Price


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