Recipe for Banana Nut Bread with Chocolate Chips – No Butter/Oil or Sugar!


This recipe is a treasure. Print it. Mark it so you don’t lose it. It’s a keeper forever and ever! Can you imagine a banana bread that is moist, sweet and decadent, all without the use of butter, oil or sugar?! I know, I was hesitant, but I thought… hmmm, give it a whirl, WHAT IF IT’S GOOD?

It. Is.

I made half with chocolate chips, because I wasn’t sure how chocolate chips would taste in banana bread… Well… DUH! FABULOUS!

I found this recipe on Pinterest (thank you Pinterest!) – it comes from a blog called – that link will take you to the recipe, but check out the recipes on their blog… good stuff!

Instead of sugar, this recipe uses maple syrup, and not much, only 1/4 cup! I used White Wheat Flour and I couldn’t tell a difference. You can substitute white wheat flour 1:1 with all purpose flour (unlike regular whole wheat flour). I did not use the brown sugar mentioned in the regular recipe (and the original recipe mentions that you don’t have to use it). If your banana’s are sweet and freckled 🙂 then you won’t need it!

Click HERE to print the recipe below… Images below… | barbara stroud

Here is the chocolate chip side 🙂 Ok… Confession: I added too many. I got crazy with the Whole Foods 365 Brand Chocolate Chunks. They are amazing! Next time I will add a handful for 1/2 loaf. Not that this is bad, hee hee… it’s amazing!


Here is Fred’s half… plain (well, I added walnuts). This has a wonderful taste and is perfect packed into a lunch. It helps hold you a while! It’s perfect alongside a green smoothie!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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