Featured Artist: Christine Swann!

Christine Swann - Cold

Cold by Christine Swann

This is the most stunning pastel painting ever. The way Christine captured the light, the just-washed hair, and the sweetness of this child. The eye contact is heart warming, I also love the bits of red in the faucet…

There were so many wonderful paintings, so hard to chose. Facebook made it easy for me… right now there is a problem when posting more than one image, it seems to grab the last image, even though my words are referencing the first image. So I’m going to wait a bit and see if they can work it out. Be sure to check out “I Didn’t Do It” – precious? Just look at those wisps of hair, that innocent face, so very sweet! One more to be sure to check out is a portrait of Corinne, “Invisible”, she is a beautiful young lady who Christine captured so stunningly. All three are Christine’s children.

If you are a pastel artist, check out Christine’s upcoming workshops!

All images via SwannPortraits.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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