Does your dog eat too quickly? A Quick Fix!

A spoon in the dog dish slows eating

Does your dog wolf their food down? Or do you have a dog eats at a nice leisurely pace? Well, for those of us with the dogs who eat too quickly (which can cause problems) – Here is a quick tip!

I was researching different dog bowls/dishes, they make some that make it more difficult for your pet to get to the food which in turn slows down their eating. They aren’t cheap, but apparently they are effective. While checking into the dog dishes I ran across a hot tip.


What? I truly didn’t think that would work, but guess what? IT WORKS! Charlie doesn’t like the noise, which is ok, he works through it, and quickly became used to it. We had stopped for a while because he was eating at a normal pace. He just started the eating-fast situation again, so we’re back to the spoon 🙂

I love when there is a solution that doesn’t cost a lot! Catch you back here tomorrow!


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