Hawk Alert for pets under 12 pounds.


Recently one of the veterinarians in the area posted a warning on their Facebook page. If you have small animals (under 12 pounds typically), to be aware of the hawks.


I read that post and then saw a hawk swoop into the azaleas, grab some poor soul and take off. It happened so fast I couldn’t believe it. The next day I let Charlie out the back door, Fred saw the hawk in the tree right there. It was eyeing Charlie (trying to figure the weight?? ha), and then it flew off. We went outside with him.

Can you imagine? This hawk looked young, I’m no expert, but it didn’t look as big as the one I think we saw the other day…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Hawk Alert for pets under 12 pounds.

  1. Tabbatha

    I have 3 Italian greyhounds and I’m very leery about letting them out because they are all under 13 pounds. One day I was outside with them and a hawk kept circling. I knew what it was doing. I called game and fish and asked if it was threatening my animals if I could shoot at it with a bb gun to scare it away and they told me NO..it was protected. It hung around for about a week and finally went away. I live in the country and have had a dog get attacked by a black panther/mountain lion and one get attacked by a coyote. Both were fortunate to live thank god. So things like this do happen. I’ve had a big owl hanging around from time to time and I was pretty sure it was stalking my dogs. Always be alert!

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    1. Italian Greyhounds are beautiful animals! I remember my dentist, who lives out in the country say that he couldn’t leave his Jack Russell’s outside because of the hawks! Truly cannot imagine and am hoping for no hawk dreams tonight! 😉


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