Featured Artist: Louis Escobedo!

20 Shades of Blue by Louis Escobedo

20 Shades of Blue by Louis Escobedo  17×16″

Louis Escobedo. His paintings are fantastic. The colors that he uses draw me in. I love his abstract strokes amidst the reality of what he’s painting. It is the perfect combination! Louis is an award winning artist with such a wonderful array of subject matter. Be sure to check out his website!

Summer Bouquet by Louis Escobedo

Summer Bouquet by Louis Escobedo  16×20″

Another fabulous painting with those abstract strokes. I think it really makes the focus of his paintings stand out even more. This is just beautiful!

Don’t miss the Small Treasures show at 717 Gallery (Easton, MD), featuring both Louis Escobedo and Chris Wilke. It will be a show not to be forgotten – it runs through January 7, 2016!

Are you interested in taking a workshop with Louis next year? Here is his WORKSHOP link!

Read a blip about Louis from his website:

As an artist I believe composition and values are the most important elements in a painting. I look for dramatic lighting effects, depth, and abstract shapes. I strive to evoke a feeling about the subject, even very ordinary ones in my paintings.  

Color is a person’s signature, a personal form of expression and another sense an artist can use to communicate.  I intermingle abstract shapes and color to energize my subjects, which include landscapes, still lifes, and figures. Sometimes I have to watch myself and not use color as a crutch. Color are my kids, you have to watch your values before they can come out to play. Sometimes they want to come out to play real fast, and I have to say, wait until I’m ready for you! 

All images via Louis Escobedo, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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