Featured Artist: Chris Wilke! (Show through January 7, 2016)!

Blue Buoy by Chris Wilke

Chris Wilke. Wow! Her paintings are dynamic. Her colors are profound. Not the overly bright, or too toned down variety. Her paintings are wonderful, lively and just beautiful! I just love this painting. Those wonderful shapes, colors, shadows and light. Wow!

If you’re in the Easton area, be sure to check out the Small Treasures Show at 717 Gallery. The show runs through January 7, 2016. A collection of paintings by Chris Wilke and Louis Escobedo!

Read a bit about Chris, from her website:

I’m an Eastern Shore native and art has always been part of my life. I kept up my interest in art by becoming a collector of works of art and antiques and about three years ago I refocused my interest in art by returning to the studio.

I worked in watercolor and graphite and currently I am focusing on oils. I devote all of my time to studying and painting and have taken numerous workshops.  Currently I study principally with my mentor Louis Escobedo.  I am inspired by many artists, chief among them, Louis Escobedo, John Singer Sargent and the Russian Impressionists, principally Fedor Zacharov and Sergei Bongart.

My current focus is on the immediacy and freedom of alla prima painting. I am inspired by light, color, and composition to represent a moment in time. Working predominately in still life, my creativity is driven to capture and reflect the diversity of everyday life. I take a painterly and impressionistic approach to color and light.

I had the honor recently to become a partner with Louis (Escobedo) and his wife Yolanda at 717 Gallery in Easton, MD.

All images via ChrisWilkeFineArt.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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