Featured Artist: Marieluise Hutchinson!

Snug as a Bug by Marieluise Hutchinson

Snug as a Bug by Marieluise Hutchinson  6×9″ Oil
(Bayview Gallery)

Today is the first day of winter. I cannot think of a more perfect painting. Isn’t this the sweetest? It makes me want to live where there is snow, a roaring fire, a very cool snowman and that beautiful dark sky. How happy is this? Marieluise has charming paintings. Each has character and life. They tell stories, and you want to just keep looking at them!

Trimming the Tree Tonight by Marieluise Hutchinson

Trimming the Tree Tonight by Marieluise Hutchinson  14×18″  Oil
(Available at Bayview Gallery)

Another, perfect for the season! I love the lights in the windows. Both of these paintings are available at Bayview Gallery in Brunswick, Maine!

Read a bit about Marieluise, from her website:

Marieluise Hutchinson, a self taught artist from Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts and Cushing, Maine, paints subjects of “roads less travelled.”  The distinct seasons of New England as well as its character present an endless source of inspiration.  A deep respect and sensitivity for the commonplace is evident as she records the passage of time of vanishing homesteads, fields and farmlands of rural America.  Marieluise is a Copley Artist at the Copley Society of Boston, a Master Artist at the Cape Cod Art Association and a member of the Cape Cod Museum of Art.   She is also in the permanent collection at the Cahoon Museum of American Art and the Cape Cod Museum of Art.

Growing up during the early 1950’s-a time when our nation was strong and at peace, patriotism played a significant role in the evolution of her aesthetic expression.  This accounts for the frequent appearance of the American flag in many of her paintings.

The basis of an artist’s work, the reasons behind composition and subject matter, is often the result of their personal foundation.  The influences and preferences of a painter are brought forth in a clear context by the way they paint.  Without question the idealogy  supporting the paintings by Marieluise  are due in part to her upbringing.  From “hearty stock”, her formative years were enjoyed in a bucolic 1820’s  homestead in Hanover, Massachusetts; Marieluise chooses the countryside inasmuch as it chooses her.

Marieluise is self taught. Many of her discoveries have resulted from trial and error.  Always drawn to creative pursuits, she did not, however, begin to paint until her late twenties.  Her work has a tone of thoughtfulness, a tangible silence. It evokes the feeling of a crisp autumn evening or the chilling snap of winter. Or the solitude that follows in the wake of a New England snowfall, smoke drifting from farmhouse chimney tops – a pale veil of white drifting up into a sapphire blue night sky.  Generally, no figures appear in her paintings but a human presence is implied by lights in the windows, clothes on the line or a snowman in front of the farmhouse.

Proudly, in 2006, Marieluise had an authentic barn raising in Cushing, Maine.  It is quintessential New England, placed in a meadow with stonewalls, woods and wildlife – her dream of the simplicity and beauty of America.  (Read more here…)

All images via MarieluiseHutchinson.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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