What a day!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Christmas is almost upon us. How did it sneak up so quickly? Why is it when you’re a child Christmas takes forever before it comes again? The mystery, the magic, the love, the lights. All are such wonderful memories… even Alfie, the kid next door… While all tucked in my bed and almost asleep I see his creepy grade-school aged arm reach up to steal a lightbulb out of the Christmas lights that hung on the house. “DAAAAA -AAAAAADDDDD!!!!!!!”  You know, those cool, big bulbs… creep! Got the bulb back, and Alfie didn’t try again. I wonder where that kid is now? Hmmm.

Thank you dad for getting the bulb back, for making holidays extra special, for being so cool, for being level headed and calmly teaching us what’s right. To always consider other people’s feelings. To not “cry wolf”, to “Do unto others as you would want them do unto you”.

You’re a great dad! Happy Birthday! Woohoo!

I’m am blessed to have such cool parents!



Catch you back here tomorrow!


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