Featured Artist: Bill Rhea!

Blue Whiskey by Bill Rhea

Blue Whiskey by Bill Rhea  16×20″  Oil

Bill Rhea. He paints what we see all around us. Cars, cities, random objects – he takes these things and creates fabulous paintings. His website is wonderful and will bring a smile to your face. Be sure to check it out. He also has a blog on Tumblr: http://dirtandtreasure.tumblr.com – even more paintings!

Sun and Metal number 12 bill rhea

Sun and Metal Number Twelve by Bill Rhea  12×12″  Oil

Bill packed a lot of oomph into this 12×12″ painting! Love these colors, the abstract quality to it, just fabulous! Who knew an old truck could look so fantastic!

Read a bit about Bill, from his website:

The scenes I like to paint, the images that “grab me,” so to speak, always seem so obviously right that I’m surprised that I don’t have to stand in line to paint them.

Armed with a strong subject, it feels as if the composition will fall into place. A strongly composed picture – the composition being the “bones” of the picture, if you will – is a pleasure to paint and continually suggests that the next logical step in the painting process.

The thing that I like the most in painting is form and weight boldly indicated with light, shadow, and rich color. To paint something well is deeply satisfying and I feel there is wealthy of subject matter just waiting to be found.

Bill has worked at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco teaching both Still Life painting and Composition and Painting. He has had extensive experience painting plain-air in the Bay Area as well as Wyoming and the Tuscan region in Italy. In addition he continues to paint weekly with fellow artist in his home studio and continues to regularly take advantage of the rich opportunities present in San Francisco Bay Area. Read more… click HERE!

All images via BillRhea.com, used with permission…


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