Featured Artist: Larry Seiler!

View from Sunset Point - Marquette, MI by Larry Seiler 8x8%22 Oil

View from Sunset Point – Marquette, MI by Larry Seiler  8×8″ Oil

Larry Seiler. A fabulous and versatile artist. This is a great little painting, those clouds are moody and wonderful! I love everything about it. This is a painting that would look great in a floater frame. I’m big on those right now!

I love how Larry adds a little info about the painting! Larry’s words:

Every year requires my wife and I to visit Presque Isle park of Marquette, MI…not far from our cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The bluffs and rocks are most inviting to spend time on, and the mood of Lake Superior is ever changing.

This is a most popular location for photographers to settle in for the end of day, witnessing often the most spectacular sunsets, and thus…its name. 

Walden Road In-Country by Larry Seiler

Walden Road In-Country by Larry Seiler  8×10  Oil

This is one fabulous winter scene. Look at the wonderful colors in the snow, the trees (love!) and the trees in the distance, top that off with those wonderful clouds and you have one heck of a painting – I love Larry’s description:

Familiar ground for my son and I, we made a day wanting to backpack in…see where deer travel was, other sign of wildlife, and I hoped to catch a good spot to set up and paint.  Was a lovely day…but neglected to bring my snowshoes.  Had nearly a mile of knee deep snow breaking trail.  This is looking back at trails we made walking in…and a lovely sun-filled day.

Larry has many DEMOS on his website and they are FABULOUS! He shows step by step and explains what he is doing. I could watch these all day! I love his process! How generous to share his information – THANK YOU LARRY! Be sure to check out Larry’s book and DVD’s – in addition to painting, Larry is also a musician! Check him out!

Read a bit about Larry from his website, and more from his blog:

Enculturation imbued with print media & tv means we live in a 2nd reality, one the lens sees. Lifeless shadows, static detail rank accurate to life. My renaissance from 20 years in studio came after taking my paints outdoors. Several things happened- I saw color as only an artist can see, (painting being the deeper way of seeing); I was overwhelmed with all to be worked out in short order; thirdly, that taunt of a feeling I knew nothing of painting! Such would send many back to the pretense of the familiar, but I’m not good hiding from myself that which I’m not able to succeed. By right…I should be able to paint outdoors, and was going to do this were it to kill me. Kill me it did! So complete was that death, I could no longer aspire to paint as artists I had admired. Their works now lifeless, labored, detailed, realistic, yes…but no sense of REAL’ness. I wish I had started nature’s schooling much younger, but lives are like books. Not one chapter stuck to one narrative. Life can be filled with many chapters. It can have interesting twists and new directions, and I say go for it! *See my book on landscape painting, and new DVDs available thru “Books & Videos” at larryseiler.com

All images via LarrySeiler.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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