Violets Secrets…

Violets |

Look at this violet! It’s going wild! Tons of beautiful flowers, there is also a smaller (baby) violet to the left… I’ve had good luck with them, this is what I do…

I set the three violets that I have in a butchers tray (any tray will do) and add 1/4″ + of room temperature water (they really don’t like cold water). Let them sit until the pot feels heavy, then I transfer them back to the plate, etc. that I have them sitting on. My baby violet is in a self-watering pot, which does not self water. I never understood that… but it’s pretty, so I keep it.

I have them in a sunny room. Right now they don’t get direct light, but the room is very light. Those are my secrets 😉 Go get one, they’re wonderful plants!

Taking a few days off, posting some photos this week, back to normal posting next week!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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