Flashback: Island Inn Monhegan – Lunch in the Dining Room…

Fish Tacos - Island Inn Monhegan

Posting a few *Flashback* photos of lunch at the Island Inn dining room from 2015. I can tell you that each and every meal at the inn was a treat. The fish tacos were outstanding! And the iced tea, ahhhh… the iced tea is fabulous!

Island Inn Monhegan Lobster Roll

And… the Maine lobster roll was so extremely fresh, I believe it just crawled off the boat! Not full of mayo like many Lobster Rolls. Just delicious!

I’m not sure of this year’s menu, but whatever they come up with you know it will be good! In past years we have had lunch at the Barnacle, by the wharf. That’s always fun, you meet some interesting people that way! They used to have sandwiches in a refrigerated case, wonderful sandwiches, turkey, etc., then they served condiments on the side, which is nice if you prefer plain, etc. The refrigerated sandwiches are perfect if you’re not a fan of grilled sandwiches. Always something to look forward to (like breakfast and dinner, hee hee)!

Back to normal posting 5/16!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Flashback: Island Inn Monhegan – Lunch in the Dining Room…

  1. Margaret A Kingsbury

    Barbara, is it true that there are no restrooms on the boat to and from Monhegan and none on the island itself? Surely there are restrooms in those restaurants???




    1. Margaret, there is a restroom on the boat, there is are also restrooms on the island (behind the Novelty/Monhegan House), but that’s the only place. There is a restroom at the Island Inn, so if you’re dining there, the bathroom is accessible, otherwise it may not be, I’m not sure… So true that there are limited restrooms on the island, but if you stay the night you can just head to your room… but definitely there are restrooms on the boat (Monhegan Boat Line is the only one I can speak for, going out of Port Clyde, but I would think the others would as well).


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