fred and barbara san fran 2005

24 years ago today, I married the man of my dreams.

The happiest day of my life!

How did we meet?

I was dog sitting at a friend’s house. I saw Fred drive by, so I leashed up the puppy (didn’t know it had never been walked) and walked to Fred’s house a few doors down, the puppy went right up to him and sat down. That is how we met. Fred invited me in and showed me his house, it was just beautiful! A few days later was Easter, I walked out to get the newspaper and there on the door was a big gift bag with a gorgeous Easter bunny. I thought, how lucky my friend is to wake to such treasures! I set it on the table for her to see when she arrived home. Then I thought… WHAT if this bunny is for me? I peeked inside and there was a card that said BARBARA! 😍❤️💃

I almost fell over! 

This is our story.

So… Don’t ever give up on love – it’s out there. We both had relationships in our past that weren’t the right ones… Not meant to be. After a period of time we had both stopped trying to find someone, and guess what? Yep, that’s when it happens!

I love this man – he is a treasure, there is no better person, he’s honest, strikingly handsome, and he has the biggest heart and is my best friend.


Note, this isn’t a recent photo, but it’s a favorite, taken by my sister when we were in San Francisco in 2007. Let’s just pretend the wrinkles that have formed since aren’t really there. For those of you who can see them, they were earned from the many smiles that came from this man!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “US!!

  1. Penny Marshall

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a fun story and great picture! Many joyous returns of the day!

    I had been told about Howdy before he came to dinner. That he was terribly good looking and a wonderful dancer. I met him and thought, oh, he’s not that handsome, he looks a lot like Daddy did as a young man. And then thought, oh, people marry people who remind them of their fathers!

    He was a great listener and questioner and by the end of the night, the next morning, I decided to defer my received the day before acceptance to Harvard Law School for a year, accept my 3 friends invitation to join them in their NYC apt. And see what might develop with Howdy. The next time I saw him, leaning against a wall with a beer at his Princeton club, he didn’t remember my name or where he had met me. Hello, Howdy I said as I passed him, with my date, on the way out. Oh, hello, er, hellO-0 said he looking embarrassed. So much for ghat, thot I but didn’t give up.

    You made a stronger first impression than I did! By a LONG shot! Xxxooo for the three of you! P

    Sent from Penny’s Pad


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