Featured Artist: Sue Barrasi!

Florence by Sue Barrasi 8.5x12 Oil

Florence by Sue Barrasi  8.5×12″  Oil

Shadows are so important and Sue really has nailed them quite nicely. The light on the tangerines is fabulous and the vase looks like you could reach into the painting and pick it up. I like the dark background with subtle variations, it really makes the fruit stand out. A great painting! Be sure to check out more of Sue’s work!

Read a bit about Sue, from her website:

“Upon graduating from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Bronx born artist Sue Barrasi traveled Europe devouring the works of the masters. 

In Paris she spent countless days and nights soaking up the Impressionists, especially Monet with whom she had been obsessed since childhood. Later, on a rainy summer afternoon in Spain she encountered the works of Joaquin Bastida Sorolla who would become one of the major influences on her work.

Upon returning to New York Sue dove headfirst into the competitive world of commercial illustration, immediately landing work with McCall’s Magazine. Shortly after, she met Bill Heapps, founder of Pig Pen Studios, who was incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge and experience, and she is forever grateful for the time spent working under his tutelage.  Other illustration commissions followed, as well as contracting work with ad agencies, and other publications, forcing the young artist to develop the discipline and strong work ethic which informs her work to this day. It was during this period she was commissioned by the government of Grenada to create a series of postage stamps featuring the indigenous sea life of the island nation.

She eventually made her way to the Art Students League where she studied with David Leffel. The dedication to the serious study of traditional painting at the League caused her to refocus her energies.  Over the next decade her work garnered numerous awards in juried shows, grants, and residencies and was featured in galleries and museums throughout the U.S. In the late nineties Sue temporarily lay down her brushes to help create her masterpieces, Kiara and Dana, trading in still lives and landscapes for finger painting, mud pies and murals.   

Eventually the call of the canvas proved too much,  Sue grabbed her oils and brushes and studied briefly with American Master John Osborne, discovering the prismatic palette which she continues to explore to this day. Osborne’s impact on her sensibilities cannot be put into words.

Today Sue’s approach involves several steps, beginning with small color studies on location. She then uses these sketches to record information for later use in larger studio works. For her Still life works she prefers North Light whenever possible and likes to work alla prima. She examines a variety of disciplines including values, color harmonies and composition. “I paint to live, I live to paint. I am mesmerized by natural light. To me, painting transcends obsession; it is an addiction. I paint because it makes me a better person, but it is my hope that my artwork spreads joy to the viewer.”” Click HERE to continue…

Thank you Sue, for submitting your website!

All images via SueBarrasi.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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