Quick Timesaving Freezer Tip

Here are just a few ideas of how to use your freezer to make things very convenient and ready in a snap! (Did I just say Snap, Ugh?)

The key is using your cookie sheet. Whatever you are freezing, place it on a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer until solidly frozen (hours or over night) – then you can transfer to a freezer bag!

I make Charlie pumpkin “dog cookies”, by simply putting small spoonfuls of pumpkin (canned) onto the wax paper – then when I want to use, I take one out and hold it while he eats (he loves it!) or place it in his dish until it defrosts, then add his food.

Tomato paste, I’m sure you’ve had those recipes where you just need a tablespoon or two, what are you to do with the rest of the can? Even the tomato paste that comes in a tube has a fairly short expiration date once opened. I freeze in tablespoons and once frozen, pop into a freezer bag (don’t forget to label!) and use in recipes. It is SO HANDY!

Cookies ready to back at a moments notice. Chocolate Chip Cookies are another good recipe to freeze. I bake some, then I freeze some on a cookie sheet, then usually the next day because I forget about them, I toss into a freezer bag and *POOF* it’s like you’ve slaved away all day, ha ha…

Of course those are just a few examples. Also basil freezes well in a little water in an ice cube tray, leftover coffee freezes well in an ice cube tray too, perfect to add to your iced coffee!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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