Three Hot Floor Lamps!


Visual Comfort 91025HAB Studio 34 Floor Lamp    Image: Visual Comfort

It’s not always easy to find a fabulous floor lamp that not only looks great but also works well. I have found three. The 91025HAB Studio 34 Floor Lamp  is fabulous, it can be traditional, but also fit well in a modern setting. It comes in a variety of finishes and it has a dimmer. So when you really need to read you can turn the light up, and when you just want ambient light that is beautiful, dim it as low as you like. It adjusts up and down and the arm swings back and forth.


Holtkoetter 9424 Lighting for the Aging Eye Floor Lamp   Image: Holtkoetter

Lighting for the Aging Eye, you read that right. Brilliant, because for those of you over 40, you know how important good light is, and this provides just that. The Holtkoetter 9424 Floor Lamp is adjustable in height and the light swings how you want it. There is also a dimmer, which makes the gorgeous work of art even that much more beautiful!


Aerin Clemente Floor Lamp    Image via Circa Lighting

The Arein Clemente Floor Lamp is another gorgeous lamp that we considered in a tight spot near a large abstract painting. This lamp is still on my radar it’s so sharp. I see many places that carry it are sold out in the white (shade) – there are different shade color options available.

There is nothing like good lighting!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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