Featured Artist: Danny Griego!

santa-rita-alley-danny-griego 10x10 oil

Santa Rita Alley by Danny Griego  10×10″  Oil

There are many things I really enjoy about Danny Griego’s paintings. The way he leaves a little of the toned canvas peeking through adds dimension and interest. It’s quite clear after checking out his website that he can paint anything. There are scenes of everyday scenarios that he breathes new life into. To take everyday and make it WOW is talent!

When you visit Danny’s website, don’t miss the portraits… so realistic!


Mexico Nocturne by Danny Griego  20×16″  Oil

So cool how Danny blurred the colors from the back of the bus, showing movement… that bus is flying! Cool colors and I like that it’s a nocturne, that adds something special with all those wonderful blues!

Read a blip about Danny, from his website:

“San Diego has been my home for just over 20  years. I am originally from Colorado.  I received my BA in theatrical scene design and scenic art in Colorado, at the University of Northern Colorado.  I worked over 20 years in the world of theater as a scenic artist, ten of those years at The Old Globe Theater.  I helped designers and directors realize their visions for hundreds of productions.  As a scenic artist I painted/sculpted scenery for the stage and I planned and executed large canvas drops as background elements for musicals, comedies and dramas.   Many of them were shows that eventually went on to Broadway.

While working in theater I attended Watts Atelier.  There for some years, off and on, I took classes to better my artistic skills.  It is a true credit to that school and their teachers for what I have learned.  They put me on the road to “seeing” like and artist.  Coupled with attending Watts Atelier, I managed to take some workshops from some painters I really admire.  Artists like Robert Watts, Matt Smith, Brian Blood and Carolyn Anderson helped to shape me as an artist.

I love painting portraits but most of my work is studio landscape and plein air.  Most of my inspiration stems from how landscapes integrate with urban settings.  I find great interest in how sturdy man made structures coexist with organic forms of nature.  Alleys, freeway bridges and subjects that don’t get a lot attention are of particular interest to me.” Read more HERE

All images via DannyGriegoArt.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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