Featured Artist: Holly Van Hart!


Outside My Window by Holly Van Hart  24×30″  Oil

Holly Van Hart paints abstract nature paintings. They are quite lovely. Her forest series shows such dimension, and some of the paintings are quite large, which I think adds to the uniqueness… Outside my Window (above) is a sweet painting with a soothing color palette, beautiful… see, Spring is just around the corner!


Field of Dreams by Holly Van Hart  24×30″  Oil  [Sold]

Field of Dreams… love the daisy’s! I like the composition of this painting, it really makes the daisy’s look lively!

Be sure to check out Holly’s eBook with her paintings paired with beautiful inspirational quotes, click HERE….

Read a bit about Holly’s painting process, from her website:

“Each day in my studio is an exciting and on-the-edge exploration of ideas, feelings, subjects, paints, textures, and colors. When starting a painting, I know what I want to convey and have a general idea of what the finished work will look like. Each painting is a journey, requiring many layers of paints, and much inspection and introspection over a period of months.

Typically, I paint subjects found in nature and abstract them with unusual colors and unexpected textures. Using multiple photo references, I sketch the composition onto a blank canvas. Then I build up the painting using 5-10 layers of paint, waiting days or weeks between each layer for the paint to dry. The layers are critical to achieving desired colors and textures, and they give the painting a special glow.

The unusual colors and textures in my work are meant to help us see nature in new ways and with new wonder.

When a painting might be finished, I ask myself ‘Is this a museum-quality painting?’ The finished work rarely looks exactly like what I first envisioned. But by the time it is done, I have learned a tremendous amount about the subject and myself, and have earned the satisfaction of creating a unique piece of art.” Read more HERE

All images via HollyVanHart.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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