Featured Artist: Brennen McElhaney!

Charleston Street Corner by Brennen McElhaney  14×11″  Acrylic

Brennen McElhaney. Nice work! A few Charleston scenes caught my eye (I always love to see the way artists all capture Charleston a little differently). The painting above has been a few different restaurants over the years, it is currently a brewery company/restaurant. The old brick on this building is that wonderful color that turns to magic when that right light hits it. This painting is a beautiful interpretation of that architecture. Right down to the lamp post and the stop lights, Brennen captured this so perfectly.

Be sure to check out Brennen’s website – his paintings, stories, blog, etc. – he has wonderful information!

Read a bit about Brennen, from his website:

Brennen McElhaney was born in 1968 in Santa Barbara, California. He studied fine art and illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1990. Back in California, Brennen married Sheila Springer in 1992. As newly-weds they had the opportunity to run a fine art gallery for a time.

Brennen went on to have one-man art shows at the Delphine Gallery, the Hahn-Horn Gallery, Gallery 113, the Faulkner Gallery, Sterling K Gallery, the University Club of Santa Barbara, Antioch University and the Gallery Off Grand (Los Olivos, Ca.). During that time he served on the board of directors of the Santa Barbara Art Association.

In 2005, Brennen, along with his wife and their three children, relocated from California to Western North Carolina. They live in Fletcher (Asheville) NC.

Mr. McElhaney is creator and curator of the website AVLarts.com which promotes the visual arts in the Asheville area by listing a directory of local artists, galleries and art resources. Brennen works as an illustrator and art director, his main client being Oodles World, a family entertainment company. Continue reading HERE

All images via BrennEnMcElhaney.com, used with permission.
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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