25 years! Happy Anniversary!

 M a r r i e d .   T W E N T Y   F I V E   Y E A R S .
Seems like yesterday. Time truly does fly.

Twenty five years ago today I married the man of my dreams. A man so kind and giving. So caring and wonderful – How did I ever get so lucky? I am blessed, that’s for sure!

I wish you that same kind of happiness if you don’t currently experience it. Patience is a virtue. It was when we had both quit trying to find a significant other that we met. I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was dog sitting for a friend of mine, staying at her house while she was out of town during Easter. She had an older dog and a new puppy. I parked my car and she was telling me what was where when I spotted Fred go by on his way home a few doors down. I grabbed a leash and the puppy and took him for a walk – I didn’t realize it was the puppy’s first walk on a leash. He walked right up to Fred and sat down. Fred and I talked forever, he invited me to see his house, which was beautiful and I came home (I had carried the dog home before I went back – interestingly enough, the dog did not want to walk home, hence the carrying part). That was on a Thursday. We talked a little each night. On Easter Sunday I went out to get the paper in the driveway and noticed a large gift bag hanging on the door. Wow, pretty cool that my friend has people drop gifts off for her. I set it on the table and went back out for the paper. Then it hit me… I wonder if this could be for me??? Surely it can’t hurt to take a quick peek into the bag and there it was… a card with MY name on it!

Inside the bag was a beautiful card and a big stuffed Easter bunny. I called to thank him – I saw his degree hanging on the wall when he showed me his house. I  remembered his name… looked it up in the phone book (ok, we are talking 25 years ago which was clearly pre-Google). We have been together since the day we met. My husband and best friend. I am so lucky…

I wish the same for you.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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