Is your brain being hacked?

Our WIFI was out for four days. Four. A big truck drove through the neighborhood and broke large tree branches and snapped a few cable lines. Of course you only lose service when you have a lot to get done, it’s the way of the world. We toughed it out and lived through it HOWEVER, it really made me think about a show on 60 Minutes that I watched not long ago. It was about how some apps are designed to create a habit so that we are constantly checking for email, for likes, for comments. I urge you to check it out – if nothing else it will make you a little more aware when it’s happening. After I watched that show I started reading again. At least at night, I’m going to take time away from the computer to escape.

We don’t want to live in a world where we cannot connect face to face. It’s all nice and convenient, but there has to be normal everyday interaction with people. Otherwise things are going to get a little weirder than they already are…

If this sort of thing interests you (it IS fascinating to me) – read about it HERE!

Of course I am thankful to the Comcast man who we found working on an unrelated job down the street – he worked to get our service restored. He went above and beyond. (It was a hot day, as you can see by the windows). I am thankful to have WIFI back, but also AWARE that I need to set limits. Do you? Is your brain hacked?

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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