Watching Intently

Charlie watching intently out of the back window while perched in a chair. Not a muscle moves. Not even one of the many hairs on his body. He’s watching for any movement, squirrels and birds mostly.

Dogs love to be at the same level we are. He will hop up in a chair and sit back like you or I would. It’s crazy to see and makes me laugh every single time. I think it started when he was a puppy. The only way he would stay calm is to get in my desk chair (with me in it), he would sit up, back against the chair- paws in front and digging into my back. Once he got situated he would fall asleep, which also meant if I wanted a moment of piece I wouldn’t move a muscle. It’s how this blog was born. On 1/1/11 I decided I may as well do something productive, so why not figure out how to create a blog, the writing part was easy, the figuring out took a bit.

It’s been a great adventure. I can’t believe next month begins year EIGHT of a daily blog, which, I have to be honest, at times I have considered stopping just because of the enormous amount of time I spend on it. Even though my posts are rather fluffy and most don’t have a lot of research to be done (house plans and artists are different, those do take time), they still take a lot of time.

I hope you are enjoying this blog. I have received so many wonderful emails throughout the years – it’s what keeps me going. As a friend mentioned… it’s time to monetize – But how? Sounds like I have some research to do! Better get busy!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog!


18 thoughts on “Watching Intently

  1. As a full time artist myself, cook and gardener I enjoy each and every post. Especially your Maine posts, as it’s on my bucket list for plein air work. Mainly your daily habit of blogging inspires me to keep up my sporadic posting on my blog. Hoping that if read it inspires someone else. YOUR ARE APPRECIATED!

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