Paying it forward…

The coolest thing happened to us the other day. We were having lunch at Five Loaves Cafe in Charleston, SC – and as the woman walked up to our table (we thought to give us our bill), she explained that the restaurant chooses a few tables each day to surprise and take care of their meal. So there was no bill, it was on the house – they just ask that you pay it forward through random acts of kindness – give back however you can.

I have to tell you, I’ve read about this happening to other people and I always thought it was such a cool thing to have happen! There is no better feeling than giving. It leaves you smiling the entire day. It’s been fun to think up ways to pay it forward. We always try to be mindful of that, but this is extra special given the time of year…

So… pay it forward however you can, whether you treat someone to lunch, buy them a coffee, or just random acts of kindness – bringing an elderly neighbor dinner or treats – a nice visit. The possibilities are endless!

As I mentioned, Five Loaves Cafe had fabulous food! I love how you can order a half of sandwich, half of a salad or a cup vs. bowl of soup. They also have a soup “flight” that allows you to sample three different soups. We’re looking forward to going back for dinner! We also want to try their other restaurants, Sesame Burgers and Beer and Ember Kitchen (Charleston, SC).

I can tell you this post took me far too long to write – Reason? I got stuck looking at their  menu and couldn’t get out! Oh! Everything sounds so good! Can’t wait to get back…

Bravo to the GlowFisch company – you rock! Your restaurants are fabulous, good food, good people and good beliefs! We will most certainly be back!

Happy Holidays indeed! Catch you back here tomorrow!

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