Newly A Nonagenarian – Special Wishes!

Happy Birthday Penny!

Today is our friend’s birthday, she turns 90! Her name is Penny and she’s an amazing individual. She has a vivid memory and can recount stories from years ago with the sharpest detail! Penny shares her life stories – you know, those very special stories that you can learn by… You’ll see what I mean when you check out her blog. YES! Her blog…

Penny writes an incredible blog about the “Recollections & Ruminations of a Quirky Old Dame”. She has a gift with her sharp wit and love of storytelling. Her posts will put a smile on your face. Penny is cool and “with it” – she keeps up to date on what’s happening, and she makes me laugh. This is a woman who loves life. She dives in, unafraid to try new and challenging things, such as starting a blog at age 89. I started out posting it to WordPress for her (posting, not writing), and now she does it all. Penny is an inspiration, a sweet friend and the one special person who told me about Effie’s Oat Cakes!

Penny and I originally met via email – CC’d from another friend. Fred and I have had the opportunity to meet Penny in person – What a treat! Since the time of emailing we have met on Monhegan Island a few times – and what a good time we have!

Penny – What is your secret? I’m guessing it’s a wonderful attitude, a love of reading and writing – a close family and many, many friends (and quite possibly two Effie’s Oat Cakes each morning – I’m hoping that’s the true secret!)

Your gift of sharp wit and love of storytelling makes your blog, Nearly Ninety the absolute treasure that it is!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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