From the Archives: Sunset in Maine

A photo from the archives – Maine

Every year I tell myself I need to clean out my almost 9,000 images, I start out doing it, then I get busy and forget about it. The following year I need to clean out almost 10,000 images (and this is after cleaning out during the year) – well… now I’m past 11,000 +++ and I need to get control. So as I start to look back at old photos (but not yet clean out) I’ll share a one from the archives…

This is somewhere in Maine – it was taken in 2010. Maine has stunning views everywhere you look. It’s drop dead gorgeous. We always visit during the most pleasant month which is probably why Maine appeals to us so much, it’s kind of like visiting Charleston, SC during the perfect weather – no humidity, beautiful sun, no horrific floods or hurricanes to deal with – then thinking, wow, that’s the perfect place to live.

There is no perfect place. Everywhere is what you make it, although some places may impose limitations or perhaps things that don’t appeal to you (i.e. traffic, hurricanes, etc.) – I know we live in a great place, a stones throw from downtown Charleston without some of the congestion of living in the peninsula. I love that we can walk to restaurants, library, shops, groceries, coffee, bakery, fitness, antiques and on and on… Matter-of-fact we can walk faster than we can drive and try to find a place to park.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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