Featured Artist: Irina Cumberland!

Beyond the Surface by Irina Cumberland 33×36″ Oil

Irina Cumberland. Talk about an inspirational story – wow. Please don’t miss reading the entire bio – I only posted a small portion – click on the link to read in its entirety complete with images. You will have so much respect for this talented artist. I admire not only her great talent but her will to help save the ocean for future generations and help to allow it to stay the beautiful, peaceful, serene body of water that it is. Water, not plastic…

One thing you will notice about Irina’s work – she paints on plastic canvas. What?! Yes! Irina paints on canvas to bring awareness to the plastic pollution problem we are facing – enormous amounts of plastic are being used daily and eventually end up in the ocean – read about how you can help lessen this horrific trend to use plastic for so many things! Do what you can (give up or limit plastic bag use – ditch the straws, etc., buy food and drinks in glass bottles)…

See more of Irina’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Read a bit about Irina, from her website:

Picture yourself standing on the shores of a vast ocean. Feel the sand between your toes. Smell the salty air as you breathe in. Hear the hush of each wave as the cool water rolls over your feet. See the reflection of the sun majestically painting its rays onto the surface, a palette of blues and greens swirling together in front of you… 

Even though now my life is as peaceful as it can be, my days are filled with creativity, calm joy and happiness, there was a time when my hands were literally shaking from stress from the moment I woke up to the very late night when sleeping pills could finally nock me down to a couple of hours of shallow nightmarish sleep.

Read Irina’s fascinating story here and learn the science behind how fractals in her paintings can bring you peace and comfort in your everyday busy life.

Catch you back here tomorrow!
All images via IrinaCumberland.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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