Azaleas in Bloom – Charleston, SC 🌸⏰

Azaleas blooming in Charleston, SC

While much of the country is in a deep freeze with snow accumulation totals that are crazy, we are blooming in Charleston, SC. 

How nice for us, right? Everything is blooming and soon we will be exploding with color. But soon (in the blink of an eye) we will go from nice temps and humidity to mind boggling. So we are enjoying it while we can… as I write this it’s a wee bit cooler than normal (yay!) with rain on the way which we desperately need.

⏰ Spring is on the way (March 20!) – and Daylight Savings Time (DST) is TOMORROW – which means turn your clocks FORWARD ONE HOUR (7PM will be 8PM) before you go to bed. ⏰

I’ve read that Florida is trying to give up DST, wonder if other states will follow suit? I think we should stop the time changing… sometimes it can take quite a while to get used to, but that’s my opinion. Having it stay lighter longer would be beneficial to so many. What do you think?

Catch you back here tomorrow!



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