Spanish Moss in Our Live Oak Trees

Spanish Moss in Live Oak – Charleston, SC

Just here to wish everyone a happy Saturday! Sending an image of
a live oak with the sun hitting the draping Spanish Moss and highlighting the resurrection fern – which is quite a miracle. Looks crispy and dead one moment and if a splash of rain hits it, turns bright green like the healthiest fern you’ve ever seen.

Spanish moss, that beautiful moss that hangs off of our oak trees – is quite interesting! First of all Spanish moss didn’t come from Spain and it’s not considered moss at all. It’s a bromeliad, which is in the same family as pineapples and succulents! Moss grows on trees it is not a parasite and doesn’t harm the tree in any way – it doesn’t take any nutrients away from the tree. Quite amazing…

When I see it, I immediately think CHIGGERS! While I haven’t ever seen them, I have heard about them. Usually the moss has chiggers if it is on the ground, but in the tree it’s ok (or so I read).

Spanish moss, especially in dramatic lighting situations, really looks like “the South”. Breathtaking!

Happy April Eve! Can you believe tomorrow is not only April 1st, it’s also Easter – time flies!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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